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WELCOME to GeniesDownUnder.com.au

So you're interested in looking around your family tree and wondering where to begin. Or perhaps you've already begun and you're looking to get more serious with your family history research. Genies Down Under is a genealogy website with a matching podcast that will help you extend your family history research.

Be sure to subscibe to our free podcast made for you (genies down under). You'll find it packed with tips, tricks, tools & traps, along with plenty of helpful links and resources to help you find information about your family history. You'll also find stories of genie adventures and nifty tips to inspire you and help you on your way. The podcast is presented by Maria Northcote - especially for researchers with an interest in Australian family history - genies down under.

Genealogy with an Australian twist.

Listen to a one-minute promo about the podcast.

So come along and join us for genie adventures down under.


From January 2017, Maria is having a break from producing the Genies Down Under podcast. However, all previous podcast episodes from October 2011 through to December 2016 are still available (see links below or access the podcasts in iTunes).

Please note that, although this is the final episode of the Genies Down Under podcast for a while, the podcasts (episodes 1-62) will still be available on iTunes, via this website or via your own podcatcher software. The Genies Down Under blog, email address and Facebook page will also remain active.

Our book, Convicts Down Under

In November 2012, six of the Genies Down Under listeners joined Maria in publishing a book of seven stories about seven convicts who landed on Australian soil between 1796 and 1844. We were very pleased to officially launch our book on the December 2012 episode of the Genies Down Under podcast. Our book is called Convicts Down Under and you can purchase a printed copy of our book for $20.99 or an e-book version of the book (for $7) at the Lulu.com website. We are purposely keeping the prices of the book as low as possible. Any profits made will be used to buy copies of the printed book to send to local and national libraries and family history societies. Please let us know what you think of our book by emailing Maria at geniesdownunder@gmailcom

Want to get hold of a
printed version
of our book?
Click on the link below

$20.99 at Lulu.com


Want to get hold of an
e-book version
of our book?
Click on the link below

$7 at Lulu.com



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